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As the BitConnect Ponzi scheme imploded, the value of the BitConnect coin (BCC) plunged to nearly zero,.The BitConnect X initial coin offering is also still planned,.

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BitConnect successfully pulled off what video game developers have been doing for quite some.

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Many in the digital currency community have called Bitconnect a Ponzi scheme,.IMPORTANT NOTE: This video occurred AFTER Bitconnect agreed to speak but ONLY IF WE ASKED NICE QUESTIONS FROM A PRE-APPROVED LIST.

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BitConnect, a Bitcoin Exchange Long Accused of Being a Ponzi Scheme, Is Shutting Down.Bitconnect is a cryptocurrency which uses viral marketing to promote itself. it is often labeled as a Ponzi scheme. We still expect BitConnect coin.

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BitConnect shuts down after accusations it was running a cryptocurrency Ponzi scheme. the website will remain operational,.

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Active loans are being transferred to wallets in BitConnect Coins. with the constant rumors of BitConnect being nothing more than a Ponzi.

Twitter pundits and financial advisers have been calling the imminent crash of the Bitconnect house. execute a classic ponzi. to sell the coin.

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Ponzi lending smart bot scam Bitconnect finally did what most sane observers predicted long, long ago.

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One of the top signs that BitConnect was a Ponzi scheme comes from its elaborate marketing.

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Even in the somewhat shady world of cryptocurrency, BitConnect stood out as being particularly sketchball.

BitConnect shuts down after accusations it was running a

Bitconnect has been suspected of being a Ponzi scheme because of its multilevel marketing structure and for various other reasons.

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